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Week 3, Day 1!

I only have a few minutes to make a quick post about my intake and exercise for the day! But I also need to share the good news!!! I weighed in at 172 this morning!! I don't understand how my body works. I'm trying to figure it out. It seems like I never lose the days I think I will but then I do lose when I am sure that I will gain! It's verrrry strange.

As far as intake goes, I'm not exactly sure. I had a pretty hectic day but I am going to make a guess that it was somewhere around 1,000 calories. I wasn't planning to go work out today since I was working a double at work, but I ended up having a really short shift this morning which left me enough time to squeeze in running a couple errands plus a short workout before I had to get back to work. I only walked about 1.8 miles or so and burned around 360 calories. So, not bad considering how busy I felt today. I was very pleased with myself for having the motivation to still make it to the gym today with all the other crap I had going on. So despite my high intake and low amount of exercise, I am still hopeful for tomorrow! Crossing my fingers!

Have a great night!!



Sorry guys! I had a busy memorial day weekend followed by a very hectic week so I didn't have enough time to post everyday like I was doing. But I am going to try and stay on track this week with posts! I did alright this week as far as continuing to **try** and eat right and exercise everyday. The exercise has actually improved since last week. I am actually feeling a lot more motivated now so I am able to push it longer on the treadmill. I am having trouble with feeling sore and I am pretty sure that is due to my lack of stretching before and after, especially before. I would also like to start working on my arms somehow. I have huge arms!! Gigantic!!

So anyways, back on topic! I had a pretty slow week as far as losing. For a couple days I stayed around the 175 or 176 area and even got down to 174 one day and I was ecstatic because I'm always happy to break that halfway mark when you are trying to get down to that even 170 or whatever the case is. And then yesterday morning suddenly I weighed in at an astonishing 172.5!!! WOO HOO!! And I figured it was because the day before that I had done an extra long workout and I had burned like 475 calories, so then yesterday I did an even longer workout and felt like I ate even less, but then this morning I still weighed in at 172.5. So, I don't know what was up with that. But I have a good feeling that tomorrow I will not be happy with what I see on the scale despite my 645 calorie workout today. I totally binged. All day. It was like any self control that I might have once upon a time had in me, was no longer there. I am pretty sure that I consumed over 1800 calories today. And that's being nice about it!!! So that was why I pushed myself so hard on the treadmill today. I am hoping and praying that I didn't totally screw up especially since my goal was to be 170 by tomorrow. Which isn't going to happen. I will address that issue tomorrow though. I work a double at work tomorrow so I probably won't get to work out at all. I am going to try my hardest not to do a whole lot of snacking at work tomorrow due to that. But tuesday I am definitely going to hit the gym after I go to the dentist that morning before I go into work. It will definitely be a busy couple of days!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and a great week!! And I hope everyone has a great week to come too!! Keep shedding those pounds!!


Day Six!

between 175.5 and 176

banana and half pure protein bar - 200 calories

1.8 miles
315 calories total

Day Five!

So, I got up really early this morning with my son and I can't quite remember if I weighed in at 176.5 or 177.5. I think it was the lower one, but there is no way to know now. If it was the lower one then I am well on track to meet my goal for Monday of 175!! YAY!

Sweet & Salty Granola Bar - 170 calories
Kosher Dill Pickle Slices and pickle juice - 10 calories
Total Calories for the day: 180 calories (so far)

2 miles brisk walking at an incline
Max heart rate of 203
Max speed of 4.6 mph
Total calories burned: 325 calories

Have a fantastic Friday!!!! :-D


Day Four!

I am on a roll!!! I am not losing really quickly but I think I will meet my goal of 175 by next monday!! So today I weighed in somewhere between 177.5 and 178! The scale kept switching off and it is the kind that only goes in half pound measurements. So i'm pretty happy about that! My goal for tomorrow is to be at 177! Today I am going to take a bike ride through town. So I probably won't know how many calories exactly but I will look it up later for a rough estimate. I work during the day today so my routine will be a little different today. Hopefully I am still able to stay on track with it!


2 small bananas - 200 calories
2 kosher dill pickle slices - 10 calories
Misc. snacking at work - 400 calories
sugar-free jello - 10 calories
egg-white omelet with tomatoes and mushrooms (cooked with PAM not butter) - 150 calories
other misc snacking - 200
Total Calories for the day: 970 calories

I took my son on a walk today since it was so nice out and I had to get him out of school early for a doctor's appointment. It was roughly a little more then 2 miles. I want to say that a rough estimate of how many calories burned was about 205-240.

I will definitely try to hit the gym tomorrow morning so I can have a real number to go off of tomorrow. I doubt I will lose anything today. I kinda screwed up with all the snacking I did. I think that it is because my stupid period is coming. I am trying hard to snack on things that have barely any calories in them, but my kitchen isn't stocked very well for that. My son's foods are all pretty high in calories so I get tempted to eat those!! And that would not be good at all. That's where all this weight came from in the first place!

Have a great day!!!


Day Three!

So I had a very long, exhausting morning and I'm kind of in a rush at the moment because I have to get to work, but I wanted to update about my day and things like that! After I went to the dentist and had them work on me for 3 hours straight I still had enough motivation to get my butt to go work out and tanning even when my mouth was still numb and everything! I must be pretty dedicated!!! I think I felt I needed too because I weighed in this morning and I was 178.5 which is really sad. I only lost half a pound. Oh well. There is always tomorrow. But even today has sort of been a bust already. Here's what's been goin' on!


High Protein Pure Protein Bar - 200 calories
Apple slices - 20 calories
4 tablespoons of plain air popped popcorn - 190 calories
5 kosher dill pickle slices and some pickle juice - 25 calories
Misc snacking at work - 400 calories (I have no idea if that is a correct estimate but I definitely felt like I was out of control at work tonight with the snacking thing!! oops!)
Total Calories for the day: 835 calories


1.1 Miles brisk walking at an incline
about 16 minutes total
163 max heart rate
Calories burned for the day: 200

That's all for now! I have to get ready for work!

Have a great day everyone!!!!


Day Two!

So far day two is off to a great start!! I weighed in this morning at 179! I know that most of that was probably water weight or something. But even so, I am very please to not see 180 anything on the scale anymore! And I don't plan on seeing it again anytime soon! So I got up today and did the same routine that I did yesterday morning. I took my son to school and then went to the gym and then went tanning. Only I did more today on the treadmill then I did yesterday which was very good!


Pure Protein High Protein Bar (Chocolate Peanut Butter) - 200 calories
Iced Coffee with very little skim milk and a touch of half & half - 40 calories (estimate)
2 celery sticks with one tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter - 100 calories
Steamfresh Whole Green Beans - 140 calories
1/4 cup of sugar-free strawberry jello - 10 calories
Hawaiian Punch Singles - 10 calories
Iced Tea Singles - 10 calories
Misc. snacking at work - 200 calories
Campbell's Chunky Healthy Request Chicken Noodle Soup - 240 calories
Total for the day: 950 calories


3.1 Miles walking/jogging at an incline
51 minutes
164 max heart rate
740 vertical distance
Total calories burned: 431

Yay!! I was definitely pleased with my drive this morning when I was working out! It's like I didn't want to stop because I felt like, "Well I don't really have anything better to be doing! Why not keep going?!" So that was very exciting. I am hopeful that tomorrow I will weigh in at 177! I am going to try and keep the snacking at work down to a minimum unless it is solely low-cal such as tomatoes, lettuce, or celery! So I will update about that later on!

Have a great day everyone!


*edit* - so I am pretty disappointed that I ended up having 950 calories. I thought I was doing really well today but i guess not! At least I pushed myself harder this morning during my workout. Hopefully I didn't mess up today! I'll update my weight in the morning! I'm crossing my fingers!!

Day One!

Good morning!

So, I definitely had a very productive morning. I woke up and weighed myself (yuck!) and then I took my son to school and went to the gym! After that I went tanning. Having done both of these things this early in the morning is a major accomplishment for me! I have not been a morning person lately but I am working hard to change things. I want to be able to sleep really good for a strong 8 hours every night and to wake up very well rested. This hasn't exactly been my strong suit lately either. For a couple weeks, I was even having enough time to sleep up to 11 hours and I would wake up feeling like I only slept 4 hours. And that just isn't cool. So I am thinking if I get up everyday and go work out right away I will get it out of the way and I won't be dreading it all day long. That will also help make me tired enough to fall asleep by the time I am hoping too that night!

All about today:

Cliff Bar - 240 calories
2 celery sticks with 1 tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter - 100 calories
*edit* 3 celery sticks with 3.5 tablespoons of mild salsa - 35 calories
Steamers Garden Medley - 200 calories
Misc snacking that took place at work... - 250 calories (estimate - its really hard for me to resist at work)
Cucumber and Onion Salad - 150 calories
3 tablespoons of plain air popped popcorn with salt & pepper - 130 calories
Total for the day: 1105 calories

1.7 miles brisk walking at an incline
35 minutes total
164 Maximum heart rate
315 calories burned

*edit* So, I was honestly hoping I could keep my calorie intake around 800 today, but I am not going to beat myself up over that because I think I did really well considering I worked out today too. Tomorrow I probably won't change my intake too much besides changing where the calories come from, but I know that if I am going to have that much I would like to burn at least 350 calories tomorrow. I am also going to make sure that I drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water too. I was pretty lax about that today.

Lose 5 pounds a week (minimum)
- So going by that these are the dates of my weight goals from my current weight today:

5/31/10 - 175 ( hopefully I will lose more then just 5 pounds this week since I have a lot of water weight and stuff I'm sure)
6/7/10 - 170
6/14/10 - 165
6/21/10 - 160
6/28/10 - 155
7/5/10 - 150

I am going to stop there. I am hoping to reach 150 before July 5th, but that is my ultimate goal. I would like to push myself but it will also make it hard for me if I am missing all my set goals. That will just make my motivation level go down big time! I will adjust the dates if I am losing weight faster than that (crossing fingers!!).

Plan of action:
- Burn a minimum of 200 calories everyday. This doesn't include calories burned at work or during normal everyday activities.
- Even if I am having a day where I am allowing more food then normal, my calories are never to exceed 1,500 calories for the day. And that would be a lot for a normal day anyways. That is for maybe the one day a week I will let myself have a treat or something that I have been craving all week. This will help me stay on track during the week.
- Weigh everyday to track weight loss according to what I did the day before and change my activities for that day accordingly.

A few interesting facts:
- The number of calories you burn depends on your body composition, metabolism  and food intake.
- They are not dependent on the time of day you choose to exercise.
- A pound of fat equals 3500 calories. To lose 1 pound a week, you will need to burn 3500 more calories than you eat that week.
- Exercise boosts up your metabolism.
- Increase your physical activity and eat less.

That's all for now! I'll update more later!


A Fresh Start...

So, I am returning here to livejournal so that I can find support in my personal journey with finding the body hiding under all this gross fat.... I have veered off track for the past couple years since I had my son. I was too stressed, overwhelmed, or just plain blinded to watch myself as I ballooned into this disgusting body. I was in denial of what has been going on with my body but I think I have finally had that "aha!" moment, and realized that it just can't go on any longer like this.

To tell you a little about myself before I turn you away by my disgusting stats... My name is Jessica and I have a beautiful baby boy name Jayden. He is the love of my life and I would not trade him for the world. He is 18 months and he keeps me on my toes 24/7 doing something new, different, and unique every minute of every day. He is the most amazing person I have ever met in my life and he has changed my life in so many ways. I am only 19 years old with a wonderful boyfriend who has two beautiful daughters of his own. We have a great relationship most days but you will hear my trials with him I'm sure! I hope to marry him one day, be it this year or 10 years down the road. Sometimes I wish that day could come right now but others I am very grateful that I am not tied down to anyone right now. I am going to school to be a teacher (or at least that was my goal) and I am feeling very unsure about it at the moment. I have the summer to ponder and get myself back in order so that I can think clearly about where I want my life to go...

I have done enough rambling for now I think. So IF you are still reading, I will tell you a little bit about where I am now as far as my stats and where my goal is, where I am hoping ana can help guide me too. :-)

Height: 5'3"
CW: 181.5
HW: 185.5
LW: 130
GW: 125

As you can see I have a LONG way to go from this point. But luckily, and I know from experience with this that the first 30 or so pounds will probably go really quickly. At least if I have the right motivation and support!! So that is why I came here! Considering how short I am, I know that an attractive weight would be about 100 pounds which is my ultimate goal weight, but I have never been able to break the 130 mark. So before I get ahead of myself I think I am going to have to just shoot to get to my lowest weight first and then my first goal weight of 125. Then I will start to think of that beautiful *100 :-P 

Tomorrow I am starting new and fresh and I am going to write out my plan for the next 2 months before I go into work tomorrow night. I will weigh in the morning and update my current weight.

Have a good night everyone :-)




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