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Back from Hiatus!!!

I'm back!! So I realized yesterday that I haven't posted on here in a loooong time. And maybe that was why i was hovering within the same 10 pound range for about a month. Or maybe it was stress and all the changes going on in my life, but either way... I am very happy to announce that I weighed in this morning at 147!!! YAY!! It's the lowest weight I've hit since I started this whole thing at the beginning of the summer. Hooray for me. So I had trouble getting over the 150 hump. I always have trouble getting over the hump into the 10 below that. But the day that I made it to the 30 pounds lost mark I was very proud. So now I'm excited to get to the 35 pound mark which hopefully will be within the week. I'm working a new job now which is nothing like the waitressing that kept me on my feet burning calories all day before. It's basically a call center where I sit on my butt all day and potentially snack. But I've been really great about it since I started 3 weeks ago and I've actually lost about 8 pounds since I started! Yay for me again. Anyways, I will try and keep up with this thing since it has always proved to help me in the past many times over, but my life is so hectic with 2 jobs and school that it might not happen. I am going to set some goals real fast though again because I love meeting goals. They always help. I'm not sure what I posted as my ultimate goal weight but I definitely know that a comfortable weight for me will be around 130 even if I would rather get down to 115 or 110. So for now, I am going to shoot for 130. From past experiences with this sort of thing I know how much harder it is to lose once you get below 150 so I am going to try my hardest to be realistic about the numbers and my circumstances with work and my hectic life. So here goes..

October 22 - 142
November 11 (MY SON'S 2nd BIRTHDAY!! Yay!!) - 135
November 28 (MY BIRTHDAY!!) - 130

This is hopefully extending it and being really generous, I hope. But either way, my ultimate goal is to be 130 by my birthday. That would be the best birthday present ever. I haven't been down to that weight since I was doing the anorexic I-hate-food thing in middle school to lose that weight. I am excited for it because then I can plan to have a really great time and be celebrating more then just my birthday on that day since I've been working so hard for that. I'm not even necessarily excited for my birthday, since all the holidays just won't be the same this year. My sister is only coming for a month, instead of 2 months over the holidays like she normally does and the only thing she will be here for is my birthday and thanksgiving. So that's really sad. And my boyfriend and I broke up too. So that means no fun plans for my birthday unless my sister can somehow come to the rescue. And my sister is even missing my son's 2nd birthday. Which is really sad. She missed his 1st last year too. She will only miss it by 5 days so it's sad because she didn't just make the tickets for sooner! =( Oh well. It's whatever. Life's a mess right now anyway so there isn't much I can do about anything.

I haven't really been sleeping well lately so it's been to my benefit I suppose if I look at the bright side, because I have been able to get up early and go work out every morning to get my mind of stuff. This morning I was up at 6 again after going to sleep at like 2:30 in the morning. Tossing and turning just gave me a headache. So I hit the gym at 8 and did a really intensive cardio workout until 9 and then lifted some weights. I'm proud of myself for being able to run without stopping or slowing down now too. And I can kick the stair climbers butt on level 15!! So that's my life story for the day. I have a ton of homework to get done before work today so I will update tomorrow. Thanks for paying attention to the ramblings if you made it this far!!!

Have a great day everyone!!


Jul. 8th, 2010

Just thought I should do a quick update! I am at 163 at the moment. I have been going up and down between 163 and 164 for the past two or three days. So I'm hoping to see a 162.5 tomorrow morning on the scale!! I'm excited to report that I feel like I'm doing better with running! I still was having problems actually running on the treadmill. I can definitely walk at a pretty good pace for a long enough time to burn like 700 calories but I was having trouble running for consistent amounts of time. The past two nights I went on a run/jog/walk around my neighborhood and I am happy to report that i was able to run for the majority of it except at the steepest part of some pretty good hills. So I am feeling pretty good about that! And because of my run my legs are feeling like jelly, and I love that feeling! Hopefully it means that something good is going on with them!  I'll update soon!


Jul. 4th, 2010

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! So today was a bust, no working out. Somehow it just didn't really work into my schedule very well and there is a good chance that it won't tomorrow either. But I'm off on Monday so it will be back to normal and I can get a pretty good intense work out in on Monday I think! *crosses fingers* I weighed in at 164 this morning by the way!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hey everyone! I am basically posting because I just weighed in and I'm happy to see 165 on the scale this morning! Woo hoo!! That means that my goal of 164 is going to be more then obtainable and hopefully very passable! (Even though it's 4th of July weekend) I am sure that I can get to 163 by the 5th! I am really hoping! I am going to stick to my diet good today and go do an intense workout after work today and maybe even do a little swimming! I'm so excited that I was 165!


I'm back! Day one all over again ...

I'm back!!  =)   I have had a pretty busy week at work this week trying to pick up as many hours as I possibly could so that I could pay all my bills on the first of the month! Someone commented on my journal yesterday and it gave me the motivation to update. Mostly because I have gotten a little bit off track. I even ate a real meal yesterday at work. And I downed the entire thing. Overall, the meal was probably at least a good 800 calories. I have been trying to write off my snacking urges due to my upcoming period, but I can't blame it all on that. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I haven't been posting on here and so I didn't have to keep as close of tabs on what I was eating, even though I have been trying really hard to exercise at least a little bit everyday. I weighed in at 166.5 this morning! WOO HOO. Except that yesterday I was 166. So it's good news on here since apparently the last time I updated I was over 170 and I was trying hard to break that 170 mark and I finally did. But I am disappointed in myself for gaining that half a pound. I even worked a double at work yesterday (meaning being on my feet constantly moving for about 10 hours or so) and then I stopped at the gym at 8:30 at night before they closed at 9:30 to get in a quick work out. My workout last night was decent. I've been spending a lot of time on the stair stepper because it is the one that I feel like I work the hardest and have the most motivation for and plus my calves are starting to show a little definition instead of just flab, which is nice! For some reason I have not had the motivation to get on the treadmill for awhile. Anyways, enough rambling. I would really like to stay on track from this point. I am definitely going to miss my goal of 150 by the 5th of July. Some surprise. But I am going to set new goals right now that might be more realistic with my circumstances these days. And I am going to try and stay away from meats because I think that is contributing to my snacking problem.

New Goals:

July 5 - 164
July 12 - 160
July 19 - 157
July 26 - 154
August 2- 150

That will give me about a month to lose just over 15 pounds. I think that is very reasonable and it should keep me motivated to see that I'm not missing my goals. We shall see! I think I am noticing a difference in my body but I'm not sure so I'm so excited to see what I look like at 150 again!

Wish me luck! Have a great week everyone!


Jun. 17th, 2010

So, I have had a really crazy week because my son got pneumonia and was in the hospital for a couple days. So I definitely geared off track and didn't work out for about 3 days in a row this week with no attention to what I was eating. Or how much of it either! But I did a little better today since I at least worked out and stayed pretty active all day. I'm not sure about my intake because I did do a lot of munching but I'm guessing probably close to 1500 or more. And I weighed in at 171 this morning. Sad, I know. 

30 min on elliptical #1 (about 3 miles) - 300 calories
18 min on elliptical #2 (maybe around 1.5 miles) - 200 calories
almost 2 miles on the treadmill - 275 calories
Total Calories Burned for the day : 775 calories


So today was crappy. For some reason I am being really emotional this week which isn't normal for me... And it's really starting to annoy me. This morning when I went to work out for some reason it was really hard for me today. I am guessing that it is probably because I did that decent workout late last night. And that kept me up late because I was restless after that. And then I got up and went straight to the gym today. So that was probably a mistake! And then just in general I have been annoyed with my boyfriend and i can't seem to put a finger on why but everything is annoying me with him this week. Which isn't normal either! I am starting to think that I might have a mild form of depression or something. That's probably being a little dramatic but who knows! And then tonight he wanted to go to dinner at Texas Roadhouse which normally I would have pigged out at but I did okay. But then for some reason I felt like I wanted to break up with him! I don't really know why exactly, it was just a sudden urge to break up with him! Right there in the middle of the crowded and obnoxiously loud restaurant! So anyways, that was my rant for the night. Here is my intake and exercise!

1/3 cliff bar - 86 calories
1/2 banana - 80 calories
4 tablespoons air popped popcorn with salt and pepper only - 173 calories
Misc items throughout the day - 100 calories
Dinner at Texas Roadhouse - 500 calories
Total calories for the day: 939 calories


Just over 3 miles on the bike - 180 calories
Stair stepper for 6 minutes at level 6 - 50 calories
Treadmill brisk walk/jogging/and running - 286 calories
Total calories burned for the day: 516 calories

Today it was really hard to workout. My legs just didn't want to do it anymore. So I definitely did not make my goal of 10 miles on the bike today. But that is definitely the goal for another day. Hopefully by Tuesday I will have hit that goal. Tomorrow I am definitely going to do a pretty laid back workout I think. Since I started introducing other things into my workout I have been feeling pretty sore and tired. So I am going to try to focus more on the bike and elliptical then primarily on the treadmill like I have been doing. I weighed in at 170 today by the way!! I'm only a week later then I was hoping, but at least I haven't gained. I am steadily losing for the most part. Thank goodness. At least all those hours I have put in at the gym are paying off!!!

Total Pounds lost so far: 11.5

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for listening to the rant. Stay tuned for more!! lol



Jun. 10th, 2010

Wow, I am exhausted. Like my legs are trembling. I'm not sure if I'm just so exhausted because I didn't get enough sleep last night or what, but I don't really like how tired I am feeling especially considering I didn't have an especially hard day at work today.

piece of bread with peanut butter - 150 calories
Coffee - 100 calories
Snacking at work - 400 calories
2 pieces of low cal wheat bread and 2 tomatoes - 200 calories
snacking at work again - 300 calories
Total calories for the day: 1150 calories

Over a mile on the elliptical - 180 calories
About 2.4 miles on the treadmill - 435 calories
3.1 miles on the bike at a 4.5 resistance - 100 calories
Total calories burned: 715 calories

I weighed in at 170.5 today which I am very happy about. Hopefully tomorrow I will be 170.5 despite my high intake today. I am definitely going to push it harder on the bike tomorrow. I sweat more when I was on the bike then I have since the first day I started working out again!! I think it definitely helped me get rid of any excess water I might have been retaining! We will see how it goes. My goal is to go at least 10 miles on the bike at a 4.5 resistance tomorrow along with a mile or so on the elliptical and maybe a short run on the treadmill if I am feeling up to it.


Long Day!

Today felt like it would never end!! I am exhausted! I worked a double, managed to still do a pretty decent workout during my 2 hour break between shifts and then after getting off work I made it home in time to clean a little bit around the house! Here goes:

1 piece of bread with peanut butter - 100 calories
other misc things for breakfast - 100 calories
Snacking at work - 400 calories
salad at home - 100 calories
snacking at work again - 300 calories
Total calories for the day: 1000

About 2 miles or more on the treadmill - 395 calories
.75 miles on the elliptical - 100 calories
Total calories burned: 495 calories

! I didn't do so well today. I'm pretty sad about that. I had high hopes for today!! OH! and I weighed in at 171.5 today!! Officially 10 pounds lost! Yay!! I want that 170 though. I actually want to get to 169 just so I don't have to see that 7 anymore!! I really hope I didn't screw up today and gain anything.


Another day...

Hey everyone! Sad news, somehow I weighed in at 172.5 today. I'm gearing a little bit off track these days and I need to get back on the band wagon and FAST because I am going to continue to miss every single one of my goals and I won't be able to catch up. I haven't fallen off with the working out yet at least thank goodness. And I don't plan to anytime soon!!

Grapes - 100 calories
Peanut Butter sandwich on low cal break with less then 1 tablespoon of peanut butter - 200 calories
Homemade salad with all the trimmings - 200 calories
Misc snacking at work - 450 calories
Total calories: 950 calories

1 mile on elliptical #1 - 130 calories
1 mile on elliptical #2 - 130 calories
2.5 miles on treadmill - 415 calories
Total calories burned: 675 calories

So, the numbers look good. There isn't that much of a difference but for some reason I feel like I didn't do that well today. And I am pretty doubtful that I will lose. But I am extremely hopeful! I want that 170 really bad!!! REALLY BAD!

My new goal is to be 168 by next Monday. Cross my fingers.




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