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Back from Hiatus!!!

I'm back!! So I realized yesterday that I haven't posted on here in a loooong time. And maybe that was why i was hovering within the same 10 pound range for about a month. Or maybe it was stress and all the changes going on in my life, but either way... I am very happy to announce that I weighed in this morning at 147!!! YAY!! It's the lowest weight I've hit since I started this whole thing at the beginning of the summer. Hooray for me. So I had trouble getting over the 150 hump. I always have trouble getting over the hump into the 10 below that. But the day that I made it to the 30 pounds lost mark I was very proud. So now I'm excited to get to the 35 pound mark which hopefully will be within the week. I'm working a new job now which is nothing like the waitressing that kept me on my feet burning calories all day before. It's basically a call center where I sit on my butt all day and potentially snack. But I've been really great about it since I started 3 weeks ago and I've actually lost about 8 pounds since I started! Yay for me again. Anyways, I will try and keep up with this thing since it has always proved to help me in the past many times over, but my life is so hectic with 2 jobs and school that it might not happen. I am going to set some goals real fast though again because I love meeting goals. They always help. I'm not sure what I posted as my ultimate goal weight but I definitely know that a comfortable weight for me will be around 130 even if I would rather get down to 115 or 110. So for now, I am going to shoot for 130. From past experiences with this sort of thing I know how much harder it is to lose once you get below 150 so I am going to try my hardest to be realistic about the numbers and my circumstances with work and my hectic life. So here goes..

October 22 - 142
November 11 (MY SON'S 2nd BIRTHDAY!! Yay!!) - 135
November 28 (MY BIRTHDAY!!) - 130

This is hopefully extending it and being really generous, I hope. But either way, my ultimate goal is to be 130 by my birthday. That would be the best birthday present ever. I haven't been down to that weight since I was doing the anorexic I-hate-food thing in middle school to lose that weight. I am excited for it because then I can plan to have a really great time and be celebrating more then just my birthday on that day since I've been working so hard for that. I'm not even necessarily excited for my birthday, since all the holidays just won't be the same this year. My sister is only coming for a month, instead of 2 months over the holidays like she normally does and the only thing she will be here for is my birthday and thanksgiving. So that's really sad. And my boyfriend and I broke up too. So that means no fun plans for my birthday unless my sister can somehow come to the rescue. And my sister is even missing my son's 2nd birthday. Which is really sad. She missed his 1st last year too. She will only miss it by 5 days so it's sad because she didn't just make the tickets for sooner! =( Oh well. It's whatever. Life's a mess right now anyway so there isn't much I can do about anything.

I haven't really been sleeping well lately so it's been to my benefit I suppose if I look at the bright side, because I have been able to get up early and go work out every morning to get my mind of stuff. This morning I was up at 6 again after going to sleep at like 2:30 in the morning. Tossing and turning just gave me a headache. So I hit the gym at 8 and did a really intensive cardio workout until 9 and then lifted some weights. I'm proud of myself for being able to run without stopping or slowing down now too. And I can kick the stair climbers butt on level 15!! So that's my life story for the day. I have a ton of homework to get done before work today so I will update tomorrow. Thanks for paying attention to the ramblings if you made it this far!!!

Have a great day everyone!!




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